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"Tell me, what is it you wish to do with your ONE wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver

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Begin your journey toward self-understanding and self-development.

Get a path to self-love and self-acceptance.

Have the skills and awareness to navigate the hard places with confidence. 

Live from the essence of who you are. 

Is this you?


  • Struggle with a scarcity mindset and hold on too tightly to people and goals?

  • Living with uncertainty and stress that's eroding your health?

  • Afraid if you don’t walk the line you’ll lose everything?

  • Believing that giving more, doing all the things will make it happen .. leaving you exhausted and lost. 

  • Worry that you're not doing it right and wanting more?

  • Feeling like you can’t keep going on like this?

Design a meaningful life?
Make an impact?

Life is not actually supposed to feel overwhelming We were not created to push, strive and perform our way to happiness. 

There is no "arriving" to some distant destination where all will be well this side of heaven. 

Life can be hard, but it can also be beautiful. 

You were not created to do this journey alone, constantly comparing yourself to others. Surviving, but not really living, was never the plan.

See, the goal is to show up engaged with life. Yes, you are going to get it wrong at times...we all do. Life will sometimes be hard. You CAN do hard things. 

Hi, I'm Susan

A nature-loving, adventure-seeking, Therapist/Coach and Mom

Resilient By Design began as a means to answer my own questions as I tried to find my "Authentic Self" after leaving an unhealthy marriage of 23 years. I wanted to know how I ended up there and why I stayed. As I tried to be strong I realized that resilience looks very different in each of us. I discovered the Enneagram, nothing magical, but oh how amazing!

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Work with us
Our Approach

Resilient by Design combines...


We were created to connect and our early experiences with our caregiver lays an "Inner Working Model" or Mindset for life.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Embracing ourselves with compassion doesn't always come naturally. MBSR provides the concepts and tools needed to navigate stress effectively.


We were created with  three centers of intelligence to inform and guide our growth: our head (IQ),  heart (EQ), and  body (GQ).  


Each of our stories matter. When we make space to transform our relationship with yesterday, we make tomorrow better for ourselves & those we love.

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